Here’s what folks are saying:::

“As the founder and CEO of the Reno Cannabis Convention we’re always on the lookout for the hot new topic and speakers in our industry and boy did Rick deliver. His presence is confident and the reactions of the attendees was quite palpable plus his industry knowledge and business acumen sets him apart from any other cannabis “expert” I have heard thus far.

Highly recommended for any event, seminar or time when you need a fresh face and topic.”

Cole Markus, CEO, Reno Cannabis Convention

And then there’s this:::

“I honestly didn’t know where to turn when we decided to launch our infused edible line. As trained chefs we know our stuff but what we didn’t know was how to take our products into the brave new world of cannabis until we met Rick. He was not only patient but also provided us with world class coaching and by that I mean we were able to form a simple strategy and begin executing on it pretty quickly. Plus being a family man himself he really grasped the whole “work-life” balance thing and showed us how to be effective cannabis entrepreneurs while still maintaining a sense of balance. The results so far? We’ve not only gone to market but sales have increased 250% just since we started working together. I would highly recommend Rick if you truly care about building a real, sustainable canna-biz.”

Matt Dixon, Cofounder and sous chef, Flora & Fortitude (purveyors of artisan CBD products)