Hi. I’m Rick and I’m a cannabis entrepreneur.

::: Hi Rick!!

Yep. That’s pretty much how it felt when I dove deep into this industry first as a mentor-advisor, then as a co-founder for a CBD startup. From there it was a distribution company and now we are smack dab in the middle of a real deal cannabis accelerator program that we founded called Green Seed.

Oh and that pretty lady? Yeah. That’s Lisa and she’s my better half of over 18 years now and she’s pretty much on this ride with me too. (I’m the kite, she’s the string…capice?)

So this is me. Well. Us. The original hustle couple from Texas (by way of SoCal) that only took like 2 decades’ish or so to perfect our entrepreneurial craft before we felt ready to dive into cannabis. So what makes this site…us…our “craft” so kick ass?

Well. We like to say that we start with our values. Yep. Our very own personal core values of::


Beyond that is our commitment to total transparency in everything we do, always zigging when the herd zags and of course the fact that we’ve been exceptionally good at starting and running businesses and had some really rocking successes as entrepreneurs in and out of the cannabis world. (And psssttt::: we’ve had some epic failures that would make you cry like a baby)…

But in the end what we’re really about is trust. You see you won’t find any slick messages or shiny, cool new thingy’s or cannabis biz hacks.


You’ll find me and Lisa (mostly me if I’m totally honest), all our wonderful amazement with what being cannabis entrepreneurs is all about, we’ll admit when we don’t know something but do our damndest to get the answers for our clients ASAP.

Because trust is earned through actions not talk.

However smart or nutty or dumb this all has sounded the fact is the fact.

This. Is. Us.

And we’re here to win.

I’m Rick. And I’m the cannabiz growth expert…at your service.


THE CannaBiz Growth Expert and Inspirational Entrepreneur


Upcoming events we will be guest speaking at:

Ontrapalooza: The Modern Marketing Summit

October 3-5, 2018 : Santa Barbara, CA

Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference

November 2018 : Jersey City, NJ

Imperious Expo: Little Rock, AR

December 12-13, 2018

Past events:

Reno Cannabis Convention::: April 7-8 2018, Reno, Nevada

Speaking Topics:

“Weed to Know Basis: A Blunt Discussion on How to Grow a Thriving CannaBusiness”

Just a little sample:

Microsoft: What I Wish I Knew

— a short snip of a longer talk and eventual publishing into Microsofts widely distributed entrepreneurial e-book:::


ABC News: How 2 entrepreneurs are pioneering CBD movement…

— Recognized locally and nationally in the cannabis space



This is the part where I share some stuff about me and about my better half Lisa and all the cool things we’ve done but more importantly why you should listen to us and further get to know, like and trust us.

So I aim to not disappoint.

** This is us at a couples retreat in Quebec, Canada. Eighteen years together and we’re not perfect…but we work to be as good as we can be. That mantra is not just for life and love but applies pretty darn well to business too.

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** We served in the Army. I say “we” because a military spouse also serves. Lisa was and is our rock while I was activated as an Army nurse for nearly two years after 911.

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** I did an Ironman. But hey, it’s not about DOING the Ironman it’s about having the support, the drive and the grit to accomplish something that at one time was only a dream. Kinda like what we do as entrepreneurs no?

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** We raised three wonderful kids. Man. That should be worth a gold medal in and of itself. But look, it’s about your (YOUR) why. The reason you get up and do the things you do. For me…well…for US…we’ve got three of them.

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** We’re both RN’s…yep. Over 50 years of combined healthcare experience and we take it seriously. While we have applied our talents as healthcare pros and entrepreneurs on a bigger mission…make no mistake we are here to definitely provide a NEW type of wellness.

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** And now here’s just good ole plain serious stuff:::

About Rick:

As a veteran, registered nurse, writer and successful entrepreneur, Rick brings a wealth of experience – and tremendous passion – for impacting lives. Starting with his own, Rick is the type who settles for nothing less than outstanding and thinks everyone else should strive for the same. His story begins in the US Army, where Rick enlisted from 1988-1990. He later earned his BSN degree and became a registered nurse (RN). After several years in nursing, Rick’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and in 2001 he and Lisa bootstrapped started their first business. 

About Lisa:

Lisa is also an RN of over 20 years and has spent the last 17 as a healthcare executive, company co-founder, Chief Nursing Officer and all while being a mom and a spouse to a “shiny object” entrepreneur.

Rick and Lisa have been married over 18 years, and have three wonderful grown children.

He is currently known as San Antonio’s FIRST (and best looking::: heh-heh) Cannabis entrepreneur the founder of Wellness Project RX and the creator of the “Top Secret Cannabis Club”(…shhhhhhh).

She is currently a high level executive at a pretty large firm and is a big deal in her own right. Seriously…she is. And she’s also the co-founder of Wellness Project RX.

Awards and accomplishments include:

• Rick: San Antonio’s “40 Under 40” award recipient

• Rick: Awarded the prestigious Jefferson Award for community service

• Us: Recognized as one of the country’s “Top 100 Companies” by the U.S. Small Business Administration

• Rick: 3x Amazon Best Selling author 

Rick has shared his passion and talks at:

• L.A. Accelerators – Scaling Your Business To and Through Your First Million –Los Angeles, CA

• Ontrapalooza: The Worlds Modern Marketing Summit – Santa Barbara, CA 

• The Royal Dutch Mint – Scaling Your Business To and Through Your First Million – Utrecht, Netherlands 

• The UnConference: V.I.P session – San Antonio, Texas


Entrepreneur Magazine

INC Magazine

The CrossFit Journal

Sizzle reels:

Seeking Greater Meaning and Purpose

What I Wish I Knew by Microsoft

Phew…I hope that’s enough. My fingers are tired from typing…


Chasing The Sun

Hey there my friends. I’m a believer in stories. By that I mean stories and how they relate to business…maybe YOUR business…and one of my fav ones is about chasing the sunset. You see as entrepreneurs we often glorify the grind, we’re always “hustling” and sleep is for when you’re dead. Right? Don’t get me wrong, …


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